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The Nissan Juke refuses to conform. It's the original compact crossover, built in Britain to deliver fearless style and thrilling performance for the city streets. The Juke has the mode to match your mood thanks to the double agent on its dashboard. It's called the Nissan Dynamic Control System. It's a clever dual-layer interface that allows you to switch between climate control functions and driving mode settings. You'll see the buttons change in front of your eyes, keeping your dashboard free of unnecessary switches and putting you in full control to ensure the Juke's settings match your mood.* At Nissan, we're passionate about performance. That's why we offer the ultimate thrill ride with the Juke NISMO RS. Bringing together decades of racetrack expertise, the Juke NISMO RS is Nissan's ultimate performance crossover. Engineered to the highest standards, wind tunnel tested and competition inspired, Juke NISMO RS is built with performance at the heart. And it shows, with up to 218PS and 280Nm torque on tap in the DIG-T 218.

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